Before making definite travel arrangements:

  • Talk to your PD health care team, specifically your PD nurse, about your plans.
  • Obtain your doctor’s or PD nurse’s permission to travel to your destination for a specified length of time.
  • Your travel order MUST be approved by your PD health care team. Baxter will confirm with you that the appropriate approvals are obtained before your payment of shipping and handling fees.

After you receive approval to travel—and before booking your flight or verifying your reservations—contact Baxter’s Travel Team at least 60 days in advance and consult with one of our Travel Specialists:

Discuss your destination:

The Travel Specialist will confirm that Baxter is able to deliver your required supplies to your intended destination. In some instances, due to safety, security, or supply constraints, there may be destinations where we are unable to meet your travel needs.

Provide travel dates:

Discuss the timing of your trip and destination address to ensure Baxter has adequate notice to make all necessary shipping arrangements. Provide Baxter with at least 60 days advance notice. This will avoid expedited shipping and handling fees.

Confirm the cost:

Baxter’s Travel Team will provide a quote for the shipping and handling costs associated with your specific travel plans. You will approve this quote before your travel order is placed and final payment secured. *

*Before approving this quote, ensure you have finalized your travel arrangements.

Contact your destination to inform them of your pending travel plans and requirements:

  • Make sure that your destination—whether it’s a hotel, cruise ship or private residence—can receive and properly store your supplies prior to your arrival.
  • Take note of any special exceptions or issues regarding storage at your destination, so that you can discuss them with your Baxter Travel Team when you approve and finalize your travel order.


Handling Fee

$100 Handling Fee per travel order


Varies by country. The Shipping
fee will be determined by
the travel destination
and communicated to the
customer prior to the
order and payment process.

Handling Fee

Travel order requests
with less than required
lead time will be reviewed
for approval and Expedited
Handling Fee will apply
if order request is approved.


Lead time requirements

Most countries require a minimum 60 day lead time to request a travel order, some countries require a greater lead time. Please contact the Global Destinations team to inquire on the specific lead time required for your travel destination.

Voltage and transformer requirements

Patients travelling with the cycler outside of the United States will need to determine the voltage of the destination country’s power service.

PLEASE NOTE: If the appropriate transformer is not used where required, the cycler will malfunction and a swap will be required once the patient returns home. Baxter U.S. cannot export a cycler for a patient.

What if my travel plans change?

Contact Baxter’s Global Destinations Travel Team as soon as possible if your travel plans change and you need to modify, extend, or cancel your trip.

The Baxter Global Destinations Travel Team will determine if your order has shipped. If it has not shipped, and you must cancel your trip, your shipping charges will be refunded, less a 15% processing fee. If your order has shipped, your shipping charges will not be refunded. In either case, handling fees are not refundable.

If your trip is changed for any reason, the Baxter Global Destinations Travel Team will verify whether your order has shipped. An additional handling fee may be assessed to process a new travel order (new destination). Expedited handling charges and shipping may apply.

Please allow 60 days to receive reimbursement.