Live Now is a movement to start living on your terms, with hope, optimism and strength. Kidney disease doesn't define your life - you do. It's time to get up, get out and live for today.

Who is Jim McFarlin?

Jim McFarlin is a husband, writer, comedian, traveler and a Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) patient on Automated Peritoneal Dialysis (APD), meaning he does his PD with a cycler or dialysis machine. Jim has been living with kidney disease for almost a year and has been on PD since December 2009. He has written a number of articles, both print and online, about living with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), and finds the humor in his own life experience to deal with his failing kidneys and the need for dialysis.

Jim is the author of the blog JK: Just Kidneying. (Check it out at: This is a great resource for patients to hear firsthand the experiences of someone with kidney disease. Jim is active in the kidney disease community and has met many patients and people in the dialysis community through his blog. 

Jim's humor and honesty about living with APD came to the attention of Baxter marketing executives, who invited him to speak to Baxter employees in the Renal division. Jim made quite an impression during his visit to Baxter. He talked about dialysis, the supply delivery process and how his life has changed since being diagnosed with kidney disease. Jim's talent at finding the humor in life, no matter the situation, made over 200 people laugh until it hurt. After that outstanding performance, Baxter decided to hire Jim as a freelance writer to create articles for Live Now.

Since 2005, Jim has been the television critic for The Metro Times, a leading weekly news and entertainment magazine in the Detroit metropolitan area. (To see a recent column, click here.) He is also the media and entertainment feature writer for HOUR Detroit magazine, Detroit's slick monthly city publication. (See a recent article here.)

Jim also contributes regularly to The Men's Book (Chicago) and Wayne State magazine. His work has appeared nationally in USA Today, Electronic Media, Hit Parader and The Crisis. He has edited nine books, ranging from an encyclopedic guide to rhythm-and-blues music (Musichound R&B: The Essential Album Guide), to a biography of Detroit rock 'n' roll pioneer, Mitch Ryder. He has edited the last three novels for award-winning author, Mike Brogan, and a screenplay that he co-wrote, The Brewster Project, was made into an independent film that won Best Picture audience awards at festivals in New York and Los Angeles.

Jim is the husband of the lovely Karen Mayberry-McFarlin and is a wonderful father figure to the beautiful 10-year old twins, Emma and Madison. When he is not tied to his computer Jim can be found watching Andy Griffith, visiting his hometown of Detroit or cheering for a Detroit sports team, any Detroit team.

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