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You may not have to dialyze in-center

Just like In-center Hemodialysis (ICHD), Home Hemodialysis (HHD) is proven effective in removing waste and excess fluid from your body1. During a Hemodialysis (HD) treatment, you sit or lie next to your Hemodialysis machine and it does all the work. That's where the similarities between ICHD and HHD end. Home Hemodialysis can be done in the comfort of your favorite easy chair and gives you the ability to dialyze more frequently, on your schedule, so you may feel much better. There are three kinds of Home Hemodialysis: short daily Home Hemodialysis, nighttime Home Hemodialysis and conventional Home Hemodialysis.

You're in control

Unlike In-center Hemodialysis, HHD lets you control when and where you dialyze. Instead of spending your time in a clinic during treatments, with HHD you’ll be dialyzing in your own home. That means you don’t have to schedule your day around traveling to a clinic for dialysis treatment. You may not need to dialyze during business hours, so you may be able to maintain work schedules. You can dialyze more frequently, so you may have added energy and feel better between treatments. And recovery time after HHD is only about 22 minutes daily (5 minutes for nocturnal), compared to 7 hours recovery time after ICHD2. HHD may be a great way for you to take control of your life and get back to spending time the way you want to, doing the things you love to do.

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  One of the doctors told me something very profound and that was, 'your kidneys don't just work on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday'. Well, dialyzing at home, I got as close to every day as I could. I did it six days a week and it made me feel better. 

George, 68, Husband, Grandfather
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  My lifestyle is Alonda. My lifestyle is not kidney failure.  

Alonda, Home Hemodialysis Patient
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